Saturday, July 14, 2012

Windows Live Hotmail – Gather All Emails in One Place

Windows Live Hotmail is a sufficient and efficient way to do your email. It comes with smart tools and allows you to send 10 GB attachments at once. You can save time and effort using popular email service for your business or personal email needs.

Microsoft has introduced a lot of innovative and useful features to make it even more efficient and attractive for users to use hotmail. You can make your hotmail account the primary email receiver and you can gather all your email accounts in one place.

You can use Outlook and other Microsoft office tools with your email account for your convenience. All Windows accounts can be used with Microsoft Office Outlook whether you have a paid or free account. You have to install your Microsoft Office Outlook connector before you can use this service.  You can view and edit your calendar and all your messages, contacts and calendar entries will automatically be transferred to your Windows Live hotmail account.

The new hotmail is always productive in many ways especially for business. You can easily share videos and photos with your email account to whatever email account the recipients have.

You can also chat from your inbox, you do not have to install your Windows Live messenger in your office PC.You can simply log in to hot mail account and you will automatically log in to your messenger. You can also respond to social updates from your inbox and be constantly updated.

You have more choices than sending and receiving emails, you can also store important documents in your hotmail account by going to your Office setting and you can easily share your documents with anyone using their email account.

You can gather your social, private and career life in one place and be more organized. Reminders for birthdays and meetings are all in one place, you can also customize your home theme on your Windows Live hotmail.  There is no doubt that there are so many features and tools that you can use on Windows Email that can both be helpful to your private life as well as for your career. Sign in to Hotmail with your Windows Live ID on your browser at >>

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