Saturday, July 14, 2012

MSN Messenger vs Windows Live Messenger

What is MSN Messenger and what is Windows Messenger?

M.S.N. Messenger
MSN-Messenger is your portal to the world of free instant messaging. It was licensed in 199 by Microsoft and runs on Windows Operating System. This tool has special features that are useful and interactive. It has instant messaging, interoperability option with Yahoo Users, PC to PC calls and many more.

MSN-Messenger has been renamed Windows Live Messenger and is currently working with Windows XP (32 bit XP), Windows Vista, windows 7, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Blackberry OS, iOS, Xbox 360, S60 Symbian  OS 9x and Zune HD.

Windows Live Messenger connects with Microsoft’s NET Messenger Service. It became a widely used site as by June 2009 it was reported to have over 300 million active users every month.

Windows Messenger
Windows Messenger is a Microsoft client included in the Windows XP OS. It is specially designed by for corporate and home use and was initially created as modernized and an incorporated version of MSN Messenger.

Email messages are a great way to send and receive important data from the people we are in contact with on the Internet. It is the most modern way to communicate, but sometimes waiting for an email takes time too. It is not as interactive as instant messaging. That is why the innovation of instant messengers is one of the best things that happened to online communication.

With MSM, Windows or Windows Live, you can get the fastest instant connection you want. Not only that, you can also share photos and blogs with the people in your contact list. Another best feature is that opportunity to talk with someone with video and voice. If that isn’t interactive enough, then what it?

Imagine being able to see and hear someone from across the globe from you and in real time too. It is convenience at its very best.

With Windows Messenger you can also send files to family and friends. 

Start your MSN or Windows Messaging experience by creating an account. The process is simple and easy. Just type MSN-messenger on your browser window, then click Getting Started with MSN Messenger and you are on your way.

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