Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Delete Your Hotmail Account – Hotmail Sign In

Steps To Delete Your Account

Windows Live Hotmail is an email program that offers flexibility to its users. Creating a Hotmail account is a process that does not take more than 6 minutes as soon as you find the Hotmail sign up page.However, after using your account for some time, you might think of deleting the account for whatever reasons you have. Some people will choose to delete their hotmail account when they no longer use it. To delete a Hotmail account should be the last resort but you should seriously consider the consequences of deleting your MSN Hotmail account as you might not be able to recover the email account. Microsoft makes it easy to delete your Windows Live Hotmail account and they also provide an easy solution for closing your Hotmail account. Unused as well as old Hotmail accounts may be deleted quickly and directly with a one-click function. The first step in deleting your account is making a Hotmail sign in. Make sure that you log into your Hotmail account using the specific email address that you used in registering your account. The following steps will show you how to close / delete your Hotmail account:

Step 1:
Visit the Windows Live Hotmail login page. Make a Hotmail sign in with a password that is associated with your e-mail address. You will be required to enter your password and Windows Live ID.
Step 2:
In the Hotmail dashboard, go to ‘Options’ at the top. Click the tab and then go ‘more options’.
Step 3:
From the ‘more options’ tab, go to ‘Manage Your Account’. You will see an option to view and edit your personal information.

A Hotmail account page is immediately shown and you can see the ‘Close Account’ option with several options listed. The rest is easy. Just follow the instructions and your account will be closed.

In case you have forgotten your email password, just click the password retrieval link below the Hotmail sign in screen. Follow the instructions to retrieve your password. Your password will be sent to your other email address, where you should click the verification link.

Hotmail may delete your account if you have not used it for many years or months. Note that when you close your Hotmail account, the other services associated with your Windows Live Hotmail will also be closed. For example, your Hotmail Messenger account is automatically closed when you close your Hotmail account.

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