Friday, August 3, 2012

Microsoft Adds Email Address and Interface for Hotmail

Microsoft is seeking to replace the existing Hotmail Email interface with an Outlook interface. You will also get a new email address along with your existing, or email addresses.

If you want to switch over to the new Outlook Email interface for Hotmail, just go to the URL and log in with your existing Hotmail email address. You will be immediately ushered into a new-look Hotmail that has some modern web 2.0 features as well as a minimal and clean interface that allows you to access what you want easily and quickly. It is the most professional looking interface when you compare it to Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

I also have to say Hotmail loads much faster when compared to Gmail and Yahoo Mail and it has the most effective spam control system. I have never seen junk mail or unsolicited emails in my Hotmail inbox for a long time, but I am always bombarded with spam in my Gmail and Yahoo inbox.

You Still keep your Hotmail Email Address

When I first read the news from tech blogs about the email domain, the headlines were implying that Microsoft is about to kill the email addresses.However, this is not the case, Microsoft will never kill the Hotmail domain that is used by millions of people in their email correspondence because you cannot change your email address that you have been using for a long time. Instead, Microsoft will allow users to keep their Hotmail email addresses and use them while allowing them to add a new alias email address.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has added a new email domain. They have done it before with email addresses and they didn’t kill the @hotmail email domain. What does this mean? Microsoft is simply giving you a wide choice of email addresses to use for different purposes. As they say, you can use different alias email addresses for business, socializing and shopping.

You Still Sign in with

To create a new Outlook Email Address for Hotmail,simply log into your Hotmail account and go to the Settings gear wheel just next to your name: Settings > Options > Managing Your Account > Create a Outlook Alias.
Remember that you cannot sign into your Hotmail account using an Alias email Address. The email address is an alias email address. You can only sign into your account using a email address.

Features of Outlook Mail

So what are the features of the new Outlook Email for Hotmail?

-          You can chat and message your Facebook friends from your Outlook Email. You can see who is online from your Outlook Email. No need to leave Outlook and log into Facebook.
-          You can chat and message your Twitter followers from your Outlook Email. No need to leave Outlook and sign into Twitter.
-          You can interact with LinkedIn friends from your Outlook Email
-          You can chat and message Skype contacts from your Outlook Email.
-          You have access to the SkyDrive File Storage cloud server that allows you unlimited storage space.50 GB is more than enough.
-          You have a calendar for organizing and scheduling.
-          You have a clean, fast loading and professional interface.
-          You can open Microsoft documents,Excel,Word and PowerPoint from your inbox
Above all, you are simply taking the advantages of Outlook to your Hotmail, making your email even more powerful and useful.

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