Friday, July 13, 2012

Hotmail Sign In Tips and Tricks

There are tricks that you may learn to give you a wonderful Hotmail sign in experience. Most of these tricks are easy to learn and although they are not so apparent to many people, they can still be used on new updates of Hotmail.These tricks have the ability to increase your productivity rates. These tricks will make your life easy, save you time and make you a computer savvy Hotmail user, a step ahead of the regular users.

One of the things you should learn is how to view your Hotmail email headers for your messages. It is possible to locate the origin source of an email by using the X Originating IP field. With this method, you can identify the sender or registered organization.

Fullscreen View:

Another tip you can learn involves a full-screen view of your emails. A full-screen view allows you to read emails that are poorly formatted and unclear. Did you know that you can read Hotmail emails with no adverts? Hotmail Plus users have access to this functionality but non-Hotmail Plus users can also do this with a few tricks.

In viewing and reading your Hotmail messages, many times you will need to reload or refresh the page, but you do not have to do this all the time. There are tricks to view and read your messages without refreshing the pages. Should you need to print your emails from Hotmail, you have to find a better way to do this. There are faster methods to print many emails at once, and these will help you to increase your productivity rates.

The official source for Hotmail Sign In help is the Hotmail Help section, but you may not find everything you need to know. Accessing the Hotmail Help section is one of the things you should know as it contains useful tricks for dealing with Hotmail.This section is part of the Hotmail service that is integrated in the email.

Multiple Email Account Access:

A cool feature that you cannot afford to miss or ignore is the single platform multiple email access. With this feature, you are able to view emails from different Hotmail accounts or email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. After your Hotmail Sign In, check your inbox. If emails from say Gmail are being sent to your Windows Live Hotmail account, you can view the Gmail emails right inside your Hotmail panel. You can clearly see the advantage of this feature. This means you do not have to open multiple windows or log into other email programs to access your emails. You have everything right in front of you on the Windows Live Hotmail panel.

The coolest part is that Windows Live Hotmail not only allows you to view emails from other email accounts within your Hotmail account, but you can also view emails from accounts that have been added to your Hotmail account. This feature is evidence that MSN Hotmail is certainly going on the innovative path.

Hotmail Search Feature:

Another useful feature to take note of is the Hotmail search feature. You can search your emails and organize them accordingly. This is an alternative option to the Hotmail email sorting feature. With a combination of these, you have the right tools to sort out your emails. These tools are built-in and therefore you can have access to them whenever you want to.

Today’s generation loves tools that can be personalized and customized according to their preferences. A tool or product that can be customized always finds a lot of fans in the market. With Windows Live Hotmail, you can create filters (rules) that will automatically manage your emails. This is a set and forget system that is done only once, and you have the system working according to your rules. The system can move or delete emails automatically, so you do not have to do it manually.

Automated Replies:

Besides the automated email filters, MSN Hotmail users are also able to set up automated replies. For example, you can set up an auto-reply that will be triggered when you are away on vacation. This auto-reply is pre-composed so you should write a standard reply that will be read by people who send you e-mails when you are away. Creating a Hotmail automated vacation reply does not take a lot of your time.

Internet Explorer 8 has settings for integrating with different Windows Live Hotmail applications.Hotmail can be set up as the default email program in your browser. Besides the browser-based application, you can also use the desktop application that sets MSN Hotmail as the default email app.

Windows Live Messenger:

Hotmail Messenger is one of the most popular products from MSN Windows Live. It is an additional application that gives a great experience to Hotmail customers. The software engineers who develop and maintain Hotmail are also responsible for developing and maintaining Hotmail Messenger. As expected, Windows Live Messenger can seamlessly integrate with the Hotmail webmail service. To begin with the installation of Hotmail Messenger, you have to download Hotmail Messenger.

Hotmail for Kids:

Among the millions of Hotmail users, kids are not left out. Most homes are owned by families with kids and in today’s society most kids have access to the internet in their homes. This is often the family computer that is shared by the family members. In most schools, internet education is being offered at an early stage. It is therefore important to learn about protecting kids on the internet. This includes use of Hotmail or any other email service. Windows Live Hotmail develops and produces the Hotmail Kids. You can access tutorials for safe Hotmail use for kids. There are quick and better ways to protect kids when are using Hotmail on browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Best safety solutions for a Hotmail Sign In that are not obvious to most people are also explained.

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