Saturday, July 14, 2012

How To Connect to MSN Messenger ?

How do I get connected to MSN Messenger?

MSN Messenger is an instant messaging software licensed in 1999 by Microsoft and it works on Windows OS. In 2006, it was renamed Windows Live Messenger. This tool offers features like;  folder sharing among its users, chat options, phone call options (PC to PC and PC to phones), games and applications accessibility, option to chat with Yahoo user and the users capacity to receive offline messages. Registration is free and easy with user-friendly interface.

Follow these simple steps to get connected to the M.S.N. Messenger service:

  • Get an active MSN email account; if you do not have one, the process is easy.
  • Open MSN-messenger and select “Click here to sign.” You will be asked to enter an email address, as you don’t have one, click “No sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail email address.”
  • A new page will open and you will be guided to the sign up procedure, after filling up the application, click “I Accept” at the bottom part of the page, which suggests that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft service agreement and privacy statement.
  • A confirmation that your account has been created will be displayed, click “Continue” and you are done.

If you already have an active email account:

  • Open MSN messenger, select “Yes, use my existing email address” when you are asked if you have an email address.
  • Sign in with your Windows Live ID and click “Next.”
  • You can now sign in using your MSN Messenger ID, just enter your email address and your password then click “Next.”
  • You will be then redirected to the wonderful world of interactive MSN instant messaging.
It is highly suggested that you prompt password request when opening M.S.N. messenger. This is to protect your account from being compromised. To do this, you must first close down the MSN program then reopen it. At the sign in page, see if the “Remember my password” box is checked, if it is, uncheck it. That way you will have to enter your password every time you sign in to MSN Messenger. After signing in, go to Menu and choose “Tools” then “Options.” Go to “General” portion of the left menu and uncheck all the boxes in the “Sign in” section.

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