Saturday, July 14, 2012

Windows Live Hotmail 6 Great Features

6 Great Features of Hotmail Windows Live

There are lots of innovative features on the latest Windows Live Hotmail. The new features have been reported to be useful tools for business in so many ways. Internet marketers as well as small businesses that do not have sufficient financial resources are using Live hotmail for their business and document sharing.

What are the new features added on Windows Live Hotmail?

·         Security – A new level of security is now available on Hotmail, the feature was there in the older version  it is now more powerful and robust with Windows-Live. The security feature is available for free to all hotmail users. The feature is now wiser in detecting scams and malicious threats on your hotmail account.You can also delete junk mail at once or automatically block it from entering your inbox as a pre-emptive measure.
·         View, Edit and share your Office Documents with friend family and colleagues. You can now access free Microsoft office web apps, where you have the option to edit, share and view your documents. PowerPoint presentations can also be easily opened with Microsoft Office web apps, without having to download any software. You can access it from anywhere all you need is internet connection.
·          Document Collaboration – this is feature is very useful for internet marketers and teams where they can easily click on a shared file in the SkyDrive cloud storage and view it online.While editing the file you can also view number of people in your network who are editing the file at the bottom right corner. This is a great a way to monitor your outsourced team or writer. You can instantly check the changes made by the team members.
·         Editing documents online – As an example,if your article writer needs to make some changes on one of her articles,she will have to send it back to you through email attachments,and this is a time consuming process. Instead Windows Live Hotmail allows you to download the file on your SkyDrive, and while you edit the file,it will automatically be saved on your online folder. You will also have a chance to view the changes and you can also add changes at the same time. Most people know and use google docs for this particular thing. You can do the same with office web apps. You can choose Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note on Microsoft Office Apps from your hotmail account.
·         Messenger – you also have the chance to chat with your friends, family and co-workers while you are on your email inbox.
·         Send Huge Files – Live hotmail allows you to attach files up to 10GB files in a single mail. SkyDrive allows you to store up to 25 GB files, when you send a large file the receiver will receive a link or URL to view the files. When the recipient clicks on the link it will be available for download. Nevertheless Hotmail automatically scans outgoing as well as incoming attachments.

There are more useful features that you can get with Windows Live Hotmail such as Photos or slide show, one click Filter, Quick Views, Active views and so much more. You can learn more about the new features on the website. Sign in to Hotmail on this URL  >> using your Windows Live ID.

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