Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hotmail Features

July 4 1996 was the year when hotmail was launched by Microsoft and it was the first email provider in the world. It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. The benefit of Windows Live hotmail is that you can check your email anywhere in the world and other advantages that other email providers don’t have.

Microsoft constantly comes up with lots of new computer services that will improve the computer and internet experience for many users. Today you find lots of apps and tools that you can use both for personal or work related tasks . One of the most known and used email providers is Live hotmail because it offers a lot of easy tools and features.

Over the years Hotmail has improved, the latest version of hotmail which is Windows Live hotmail comes with many features and tools that are very useful for business and personal use. It includes;
  • Built in security
  • Fights spam and block viruses and scams
  • Simple interface
  • You can send up to 10 KB attachments
  • Easily share documents, videos and photos
  • You have 5 GB of storage
  • MSN messenger on your inbox
  • You can link other email account with your hotmail account and use your hotmail account as your primary email
  • You can connect your Facebook account and other networking sites with your  Live Hotmail.
  • Share calendars, add groups and you can easily see updates from your contact lists

Other extra tools you get with Windows Live Hotmail

MSN messenger – you can stay connected with MSN messenger through your hotmail inbox. You can also download MSN messenger where you can categorize your contacts from your hotmail. You can post new photos on Windows Live through messenger; you can share files and photos as well as files. Microsoft also gives you the option to customize your hotmail, by adding themes of your choice with background scenes, avatars and sounds. You can even take your messenger using Hotmail Windows Live or by using messenger on your phone.

Another useful tool is SkyDrive which is basically a flash drive where you can store documents online. You can store up to 25GB worth of files and folders online where it is kept safe and you can also easily share them with your Windows Live hotmail contacts. You can easily access your files from other computers by logging in to your SkyDrive account.

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