Saturday, July 14, 2012

Windows Live Hotmail – 12 Things You Can Do

12 Things You Can Do with Hotmail Windows Live

Keeping in touch with everybody in your life can be a challenge because of your modern lifestyle. Widows Live hotmail is one way to stay connected with loved ones, friends and colleagues in one place.

The new hotmail makes it easier for users to have everything they need gathered in one place. The new version comes with lots of new features and tools that can be useful both for your private and business life.

If you need access to your email and contacts as well as calendars wherever you, this email service by Microsoft is what you need to keep your social, private and business life going.

Here are some of the features you get with Windows Live Hotmail:

·         You can access email anywhere even with your smart phone (iphone,android or windows phone)
·         You can connect your hotmail account with Microsoft outlook
·         Added and better security features for spammers, malware and viruses
·         Automatically scans attachments and alerts you of harmful emails
·         5GB free storage
·         Photo upload tool, easy upload of files, videos and other documents
·         Bulk filtering using Sweep
·         Integrated Microsoft office web apps support
·         Slide shows for your incoming and outgoing attachments
·         Playing videos and viewing photos from your inbox
·         Contact list improvements
·         Send text messages using your hotmail account

Using Windows Live hotmail with your business
The most popular thing about the new Live hotmail is that you can easily use it in your business. Therefore lots of business which have set up a business account with Live hotmail.  You can access free Microsoft Office web apps to view, edit and share your office docs with your clients or customers or your co-workers without having to download extra software. You can open your documents anytime, anywhere. You can view your presentation with Office web apps. It will automatically be saved on SkyDrive.
Real time document collaboration
If you have a co worker that works on the same document as you, you can both use the same platform and edit the same document easily with Windows Live Hotmail. This is also very helpful for internet marketers where they can view the documents in real time and see what edits are being done on a particular document. You can sign up for free and use it for free without having to download anything. Sign in to Hotmail today with your Windows Live I.D. and enjoy on >>

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