Saturday, July 14, 2012

Use MSN Messenger Online Without Downloading

Can I go online without downloading M.S.N. Messenger?

MSN Messenger is the great tool to get instant connection to your family and friends. It provides features that will allow you to instantly connect with your contacts via emails, chat, video call and voice call. Added features such as photo sharing and documents sharing are also available for the users to enjoy. There many ways to get connected and the best thing is you can all do this for free.

Good news is that you can now get connected online even without downloading MSN Messenger. This program is now browser based which means that you can open it anytime anywhere like in public computers, or even if you have a low disk drive or a computer system that is not compatible with the M.S.N. Messenger program.

Here are some links for you to get the free MSN service: - Microsoft’s official website for M.S.N. and Yahoo Users. - the alternative site for MSN and Yahoo Users. – the alternative web-site for MSN, Yahoo, AIN, MySpace and Google Talk Users. - this is the link that can be used by M.S.N., Yahoo, Aim (AOL), GTalk, ICQ and Jabber Users. - this is the link that can be used by M.S.N., Yahoo and AIM Users.

It is easy to login, just key in your username and your chosen password; before doing so, be sure that you are connected on the internet or that your line is currently active.

If you are unable to connect, the first thing you should do is of course to check if your connection is working properly. Retry signing in, re-enter your account name and password. Remember that your password is case sensitive, so make sure that the Caps Lock is turned off.

If you are still having trouble connecting, click Troubleshoot when asked to do so. A message will pop up in your page asking what you would like to do, so troubleshooting is your best option. The program will review your system and will try to fix it.

If the problem is still there, contact an online help on the Website; just follow the link

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