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Hotmail USA

Microsoft allows users to sign up for Hotmail and then add additional hotmail email addresses using their country domain. For example, if you are a  US resident, you can sign up for a email address ,then add an alias address but you have to use your to sign-in into your Windows Live Hotmail account and other services. The advantage of using a country-specific alias email domain is that you can use it when your preferred name has been taken.

Alias country specific email domains cannot be used to log into your Hotmail account or services.

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Use MSN Messenger Online Without Downloading

Can I go online without downloading M.S.N. Messenger?

MSN Messenger is the great tool to get instant connection to your family and friends. It provides features that will allow you to instantly connect with your contacts via emails, chat, video call and voice call. Added features such as photo sharing and documents sharing are also available for the users to enjoy. There many ways to get connected and the best thing is you can all do this for free.

Good news is that you can now get connected online even without downloading MSN Messenger. This program is now browser based which means that you can open it anytime anywhere like in public computers, or even if you have a low disk drive or a computer system that is not compatible with the M.S.N. Messenger program.

Here are some links for you to get the free MSN service: - Microsoft’s official website for M.S.N. and Yahoo Users. - the alternative site for MSN and Yahoo Users. – the alternative web-site for MSN, Yahoo, AIN, MySpace and Google Talk Users. - this is the link that can be used by M.S.N., Yahoo, Aim (AOL), GTalk, ICQ and Jabber Users. - this is the link that can be used by M.S.N., Yahoo and AIM Users.

It is easy to login, just key in your username and your chosen password; before doing so, be sure that you are connected on the internet or that your line is currently active.

If you are unable to connect, the first thing you should do is of course to check if your connection is working properly. Retry signing in, re-enter your account name and password. Remember that your password is case sensitive, so make sure that the Caps Lock is turned off.

If you are still having trouble connecting, click Troubleshoot when asked to do so. A message will pop up in your page asking what you would like to do, so troubleshooting is your best option. The program will review your system and will try to fix it.

If the problem is still there, contact an online help on the Website; just follow the link

How To Connect to MSN Messenger ?

How do I get connected to MSN Messenger?

MSN Messenger is an instant messaging software licensed in 1999 by Microsoft and it works on Windows OS. In 2006, it was renamed Windows Live Messenger. This tool offers features like;  folder sharing among its users, chat options, phone call options (PC to PC and PC to phones), games and applications accessibility, option to chat with Yahoo user and the users capacity to receive offline messages. Registration is free and easy with user-friendly interface.

Follow these simple steps to get connected to the M.S.N. Messenger service:

  • Get an active MSN email account; if you do not have one, the process is easy.
  • Open MSN-messenger and select “Click here to sign.” You will be asked to enter an email address, as you don’t have one, click “No sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail email address.”
  • A new page will open and you will be guided to the sign up procedure, after filling up the application, click “I Accept” at the bottom part of the page, which suggests that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft service agreement and privacy statement.
  • A confirmation that your account has been created will be displayed, click “Continue” and you are done.

If you already have an active email account:

  • Open MSN messenger, select “Yes, use my existing email address” when you are asked if you have an email address.
  • Sign in with your Windows Live ID and click “Next.”
  • You can now sign in using your MSN Messenger ID, just enter your email address and your password then click “Next.”
  • You will be then redirected to the wonderful world of interactive MSN instant messaging.
It is highly suggested that you prompt password request when opening M.S.N. messenger. This is to protect your account from being compromised. To do this, you must first close down the MSN program then reopen it. At the sign in page, see if the “Remember my password” box is checked, if it is, uncheck it. That way you will have to enter your password every time you sign in to MSN Messenger. After signing in, go to Menu and choose “Tools” then “Options.” Go to “General” portion of the left menu and uncheck all the boxes in the “Sign in” section.

MSN Sign In >>

MSN-Messenger Download >>

MSN Messenger vs Windows Live Messenger

What is MSN Messenger and what is Windows Messenger?

M.S.N. Messenger
MSN-Messenger is your portal to the world of free instant messaging. It was licensed in 199 by Microsoft and runs on Windows Operating System. This tool has special features that are useful and interactive. It has instant messaging, interoperability option with Yahoo Users, PC to PC calls and many more.

MSN-Messenger has been renamed Windows Live Messenger and is currently working with Windows XP (32 bit XP), Windows Vista, windows 7, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Blackberry OS, iOS, Xbox 360, S60 Symbian  OS 9x and Zune HD.

Windows Live Messenger connects with Microsoft’s NET Messenger Service. It became a widely used site as by June 2009 it was reported to have over 300 million active users every month.

Windows Messenger
Windows Messenger is a Microsoft client included in the Windows XP OS. It is specially designed by for corporate and home use and was initially created as modernized and an incorporated version of MSN Messenger.

Email messages are a great way to send and receive important data from the people we are in contact with on the Internet. It is the most modern way to communicate, but sometimes waiting for an email takes time too. It is not as interactive as instant messaging. That is why the innovation of instant messengers is one of the best things that happened to online communication.

With MSM, Windows or Windows Live, you can get the fastest instant connection you want. Not only that, you can also share photos and blogs with the people in your contact list. Another best feature is that opportunity to talk with someone with video and voice. If that isn’t interactive enough, then what it?

Imagine being able to see and hear someone from across the globe from you and in real time too. It is convenience at its very best.

With Windows Messenger you can also send files to family and friends. 

Start your MSN or Windows Messaging experience by creating an account. The process is simple and easy. Just type MSN-messenger on your browser window, then click Getting Started with MSN Messenger and you are on your way.

Windows Live Messenger Download >>

Secure Sign In >>

Windows Live Hotmail – 12 Things You Can Do

12 Things You Can Do with Hotmail Windows Live

Keeping in touch with everybody in your life can be a challenge because of your modern lifestyle. Widows Live hotmail is one way to stay connected with loved ones, friends and colleagues in one place.

The new hotmail makes it easier for users to have everything they need gathered in one place. The new version comes with lots of new features and tools that can be useful both for your private and business life.

If you need access to your email and contacts as well as calendars wherever you, this email service by Microsoft is what you need to keep your social, private and business life going.

Here are some of the features you get with Windows Live Hotmail:

·         You can access email anywhere even with your smart phone (iphone,android or windows phone)
·         You can connect your hotmail account with Microsoft outlook
·         Added and better security features for spammers, malware and viruses
·         Automatically scans attachments and alerts you of harmful emails
·         5GB free storage
·         Photo upload tool, easy upload of files, videos and other documents
·         Bulk filtering using Sweep
·         Integrated Microsoft office web apps support
·         Slide shows for your incoming and outgoing attachments
·         Playing videos and viewing photos from your inbox
·         Contact list improvements
·         Send text messages using your hotmail account

Using Windows Live hotmail with your business
The most popular thing about the new Live hotmail is that you can easily use it in your business. Therefore lots of business which have set up a business account with Live hotmail.  You can access free Microsoft Office web apps to view, edit and share your office docs with your clients or customers or your co-workers without having to download extra software. You can open your documents anytime, anywhere. You can view your presentation with Office web apps. It will automatically be saved on SkyDrive.
Real time document collaboration
If you have a co worker that works on the same document as you, you can both use the same platform and edit the same document easily with Windows Live Hotmail. This is also very helpful for internet marketers where they can view the documents in real time and see what edits are being done on a particular document. You can sign up for free and use it for free without having to download anything. Sign in to Hotmail today with your Windows Live I.D. and enjoy on >>

Mobile browser Hotmail Sign In >>
Iphone Hotmail Sign In >>
Android Hotmail Sign In >>
Windows Phone 7 Hotmail Sign In >>
Nokia Hotmail Sign In >>
BlackBerry Hotmail Sign In >>

Windows Live Hotmail 6 Great Features

6 Great Features of Hotmail Windows Live

There are lots of innovative features on the latest Windows Live Hotmail. The new features have been reported to be useful tools for business in so many ways. Internet marketers as well as small businesses that do not have sufficient financial resources are using Live hotmail for their business and document sharing.

What are the new features added on Windows Live Hotmail?

·         Security – A new level of security is now available on Hotmail, the feature was there in the older version  it is now more powerful and robust with Windows-Live. The security feature is available for free to all hotmail users. The feature is now wiser in detecting scams and malicious threats on your hotmail account.You can also delete junk mail at once or automatically block it from entering your inbox as a pre-emptive measure.
·         View, Edit and share your Office Documents with friend family and colleagues. You can now access free Microsoft office web apps, where you have the option to edit, share and view your documents. PowerPoint presentations can also be easily opened with Microsoft Office web apps, without having to download any software. You can access it from anywhere all you need is internet connection.
·          Document Collaboration – this is feature is very useful for internet marketers and teams where they can easily click on a shared file in the SkyDrive cloud storage and view it online.While editing the file you can also view number of people in your network who are editing the file at the bottom right corner. This is a great a way to monitor your outsourced team or writer. You can instantly check the changes made by the team members.
·         Editing documents online – As an example,if your article writer needs to make some changes on one of her articles,she will have to send it back to you through email attachments,and this is a time consuming process. Instead Windows Live Hotmail allows you to download the file on your SkyDrive, and while you edit the file,it will automatically be saved on your online folder. You will also have a chance to view the changes and you can also add changes at the same time. Most people know and use google docs for this particular thing. You can do the same with office web apps. You can choose Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note on Microsoft Office Apps from your hotmail account.
·         Messenger – you also have the chance to chat with your friends, family and co-workers while you are on your email inbox.
·         Send Huge Files – Live hotmail allows you to attach files up to 10GB files in a single mail. SkyDrive allows you to store up to 25 GB files, when you send a large file the receiver will receive a link or URL to view the files. When the recipient clicks on the link it will be available for download. Nevertheless Hotmail automatically scans outgoing as well as incoming attachments.

There are more useful features that you can get with Windows Live Hotmail such as Photos or slide show, one click Filter, Quick Views, Active views and so much more. You can learn more about the new features on the website. Sign in to Hotmail on this URL  >> using your Windows Live ID.

Mobile browser Hotmail Sign In >>
Iphone Hotmail Sign In >>
Android Hotmail Sign In >>
Windows Phone 7 Hotmail Sign In >>
Nokia Hotmail Sign In >>
BlackBerry Hotmail Sign In >>

Set Up Outlook with Windows Live hotmail

Windows have been promoting their hotmail services and promising a better webmail service for their users. The good news is you can now use Windows Live hotmail with your Outlook account. Here are some few guides to how you can set up your Live Hotmail account with your Outlook account.

The easiest way to add Microsoft Outlook with Hotmail Windows Live is first to install the Outlook Connector which is available on Microsoft Office website. Make sure that you close your Outlook program first before beginning the installation process.

Enter your Hotmail account, if you do not own one you can sign up on their website quickly and easy. You need a new Account to set up in Outlook before installing the Outlook connector. When you have done that you can exit Outlook and start the installation.

You are then start to add your Windows Live Hotmail Account to your Outlook Account. If it is your first time to install Outlook on your PC, a dialog box will appear where you have to click “Next” to move on to the next page of the installation process.

Next you will be asked to configure your account settings where you have to connect to the internet before you can move on to the next step. Choose the “YES” button and press the next button. If you already have an email account set up with Outlook you can just take the option of adding anew account. Enter the needed information on the box. Outlook will then start connecting and searching for the account. When the search is finished it will make some configurations and then you are all done.

You’ll notice that at the bottom of the window you will be notified that you are connected to your Windows Live Hotmail, you can then start synchronizing your calendar, contact and documents. You can then have everything in one place, your personal and business related emails in one place. Most people have great experience working with Hotmail Windows Live together with Microsoft Outlook. If you just exert more effort and time learning the basics in using Hotmail and Outlook you will reap the fruits in the form of increased productivity. Using your Windows Live ID,sign in to Hotmail on this link >>

Mobile browser Hotmail Sign In >>
Iphone Hotmail Sign In >>
Android Hotmail Sign In >>
Windows Phone 7 Hotmail Sign In >>
Nokia Hotmail Sign In >>
BlackBerry Hotmail Sign In >>

Windows Live Hotmail – Gather All Emails in One Place

Windows Live Hotmail is a sufficient and efficient way to do your email. It comes with smart tools and allows you to send 10 GB attachments at once. You can save time and effort using popular email service for your business or personal email needs.

Microsoft has introduced a lot of innovative and useful features to make it even more efficient and attractive for users to use hotmail. You can make your hotmail account the primary email receiver and you can gather all your email accounts in one place.

You can use Outlook and other Microsoft office tools with your email account for your convenience. All Windows accounts can be used with Microsoft Office Outlook whether you have a paid or free account. You have to install your Microsoft Office Outlook connector before you can use this service.  You can view and edit your calendar and all your messages, contacts and calendar entries will automatically be transferred to your Windows Live hotmail account.

The new hotmail is always productive in many ways especially for business. You can easily share videos and photos with your email account to whatever email account the recipients have.

You can also chat from your inbox, you do not have to install your Windows Live messenger in your office PC.You can simply log in to hot mail account and you will automatically log in to your messenger. You can also respond to social updates from your inbox and be constantly updated.

You have more choices than sending and receiving emails, you can also store important documents in your hotmail account by going to your Office setting and you can easily share your documents with anyone using their email account.

You can gather your social, private and career life in one place and be more organized. Reminders for birthdays and meetings are all in one place, you can also customize your home theme on your Windows Live hotmail.  There is no doubt that there are so many features and tools that you can use on Windows Email that can both be helpful to your private life as well as for your career. Sign in to Hotmail with your Windows Live ID on your browser at >>

Mobile browser Hotmail Sign In >>
Iphone Hotmail Sign In >>
Android Hotmail Sign In >>
Windows Phone 7 Hotmail Sign In >>
Nokia Hotmail Sign In >>
BlackBerry Hotmail Sign In >>

Get 25 GB Storage with Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail is the first email service ever which provides totally free service for the users. From time to time, Hotmail also improve their features to always meet users’ requirements. Today, Hotmail is one of the biggest and most reliable email services that are available for free on the internet. With huge data storage (5 GB and is still growing), users who have a lot of data do not have to worry about deleting important mails in their inbox. Besides, Hotmail also have a good filtering system that eliminates the concerns about spam and unwanted mails.

However, one of the newest and notable features of Hotmail is the freedom to sign up on Microsoft  messaging service without having to create an account on Hotmail. This section is created for users who do not have any Hotmail account, so it is clearly different from the sign in section. This becomes possible because Hotmail is one of the Microsoft’s products. Originally, Hotmail was created by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bathia. In 1997, Microsoft bought Hotmail for a hefty $400 million. Thus, with Microsoft backing them, it is not really surprising that Hotmail can have such a powerful feature. And for your information, the same page will appear when a user goes to or

Anyone who has a Windows Live account but have no Hotmail account can visit Hotmail to sign up using the Windows live account. As comfortable as it sounds, this option will enable everyone to use Hotmail without a real Hotmail account. Other options would be to sign up using an existing Hotmail account to avoid making a brand new Hotmail account.

For people who already have email address and do not want to create another address, Hotmail also provide a trial run. There are some reasons that create some objections to make a new email address, such as: the person simply does not need another email address, the person uses his or her account not only to mailing. It is understandable that many people use their email address for signing in online shops, social networking, etc. Another reason is that the person’s favorite name is not available on the new account.

Now, you probably have one question in your mind: why would you sign up for Hotmail? Isn’t it easier to just sign in? Well, with this sign up option, you will get several great features that you will not find anywhere else. The greatest feature is probably the 25 GB SkyDrive storage. With this huge storage, you can attach large files to send without putting your inbox in danger.

Other features are also added in Hotmail, including: the ability to view Microsoft Office files, view by conversation, unsubscribe from any newsletter, eradicate unwanted mails and spams, and you will also be able to view photos and videos right in your inbox folder.

This sign up step is clearly a big and smart one taken by Hotmail. This will no doubt give the users more ease in emailing using Hotmail.