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Hotmail Sign In Account Settings

Tips: Hotmail Sign In Email Account Settings

Hotmail Settings and Configuration:

Before you configure your Hotmail for a personalized experience, you should take a tour of how your Hotmail account works. The ability to customize Hotmail is one of its outstanding features. The most important and basic thing in configuring your Hotmail account is knowing how to change your MSN Hotmail Sign In password.Ideally,you should change your password every 6 months to minimize the risk of illegal access to your Hotmail account. The second most important thing in configuring your Hotmail account is knowing how to reset or retrieve your Hotmail password in case you lose or forget it.

For some people, time is an important factor and they just want to be taken straight to their inbox after a Hotmail Sign In. You can skip the ‘Hotmail Today’ page that comes before you view your inbox by using a few tricks. Another trick that might be of interest to Hotmail users who want to keep their names confidential, is how to remove and replace a name that appears on your Hotmail email address. You can change your name on other MSN services as well. To keep your name private, you are able to only display your preferred name to contacts.

Hotmail profile pictures can be customized to your needs. If you are interested in reading Hotmail in different languages, there is a one-click language switch feature that will instantly change your Windows Live Hotmail from say English to French.

Should you want to change the default theme of your Windows Live Hotmail, there are about six dynamic themes and twelve standard themes that can be customized and personalized to your requirements. You can add your own colors and background images.

Hotmail users have the option to save all their emails on the browser. This is different from the procedure you know that saves emails within your MSN Hotmail account. In case you do not want to save copies of messages that you send, you can configure your Hotmail account for this. This feature can be turned on and off when you want to. Basic tasks such as emptying items in the ‘Sent Folder’ and saving or deleting email messages are easy to do.

Forgetting your Hotmail Sign In password is one of the common occurrences among email users.Fortunately, recovering your forgotten or lost Hotmail password is very easy to do. When you sign up for Hotmail, you are required to provide an alternative email address where your verification email will be sent. When you retrieve your email, the lost password will be sent to your alternative email.

With Hotmail, you can change your existing email address and use a new one for a Hotmail sign in. You can clearly see how Hotmail is becoming a flexible yet robust email system.

Settings for Hotmail Outlook and Connector:

Windows Live Mail uses the IMAP system, and this can be applied on other Windows Live apps such as Outlook 2007 and 2003.However, as from 2009, Hotmail introduced the POP3 protocol for its email client.Hotmail will therefore work with any e-mail application that uses POP3.You can choose to set up the IMAP or POP3 system, however if you want to enjoy the most of Hotmail features, the POP3 system can be a hindrance. For example, you will not be able to set up synchronized email folders. Find out what you can achieve with Hotmail Outlook settings.

Proceed to make a Hotmail Connector download. The Hotmail Connector is an Outlook add-on that allows you to view your emails in rich media as on Windows Live Mail.

How to delete your MSN Hotmail account permanently?

Did you create a Hotmail account and you now want to get rid of it? If you feel that you no longer need your Hotmail account, there is a way to delete your account permanently. To close your Hotmail account permanently, you should know that the process is irreversible, therefore make sure that this is what you want to do before taking any action. The alternative to deleting an account is forwarding your emails to a new account.

Hotmail vs. Gmail:

Hotmail or Gmail? To appraise the value of Hotmail, you have to create an account and use the email service. On the overall, the new Windows Live Hotmail has tabs that are more intuitive.MSN Hotmail provides a Hotmail Gmail comparison chart that shows the differences between Hotmail and Gmail. The most noticeable difference between Hotmail and Gmail is that Hotmail offers 5 Gigs of attachments per message.

Hotmail vs. Yahoo:

Hotmail or Yahoo? To compare Hotmail against Yahoo Mail, you have to consider certain factors. The Hotmail Yahoo Mail comparison chart will give you an overview of these two email services. Once again, Hotmail has features that you will find attractive. Some observers say that there are big similarities between Hotmail and Yahoo, but the latest versions of these email services have been extensively updated such that you will find significant differences between these services. Gmail has been ahead of the competition for some time, but it seems the honeymoon is over as Hotmail has gotten into the game by introducing innovative features that have the potential of changing the way email works.Hotmail is certainly looking towards the future and with the merger of MSN and Yahoo search engines, we might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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