Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get 25 GB Storage with Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail is the first email service ever which provides totally free service for the users. From time to time, Hotmail also improve their features to always meet users’ requirements. Today, Hotmail is one of the biggest and most reliable email services that are available for free on the internet. With huge data storage (5 GB and is still growing), users who have a lot of data do not have to worry about deleting important mails in their inbox. Besides, Hotmail also have a good filtering system that eliminates the concerns about spam and unwanted mails.

However, one of the newest and notable features of Hotmail is the freedom to sign up on Microsoft  messaging service without having to create an account on Hotmail. This section is created for users who do not have any Hotmail account, so it is clearly different from the sign in section. This becomes possible because Hotmail is one of the Microsoft’s products. Originally, Hotmail was created by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bathia. In 1997, Microsoft bought Hotmail for a hefty $400 million. Thus, with Microsoft backing them, it is not really surprising that Hotmail can have such a powerful feature. And for your information, the same page will appear when a user goes to or

Anyone who has a Windows Live account but have no Hotmail account can visit Hotmail to sign up using the Windows live account. As comfortable as it sounds, this option will enable everyone to use Hotmail without a real Hotmail account. Other options would be to sign up using an existing Hotmail account to avoid making a brand new Hotmail account.

For people who already have email address and do not want to create another address, Hotmail also provide a trial run. There are some reasons that create some objections to make a new email address, such as: the person simply does not need another email address, the person uses his or her account not only to mailing. It is understandable that many people use their email address for signing in online shops, social networking, etc. Another reason is that the person’s favorite name is not available on the new account.

Now, you probably have one question in your mind: why would you sign up for Hotmail? Isn’t it easier to just sign in? Well, with this sign up option, you will get several great features that you will not find anywhere else. The greatest feature is probably the 25 GB SkyDrive storage. With this huge storage, you can attach large files to send without putting your inbox in danger.

Other features are also added in Hotmail, including: the ability to view Microsoft Office files, view by conversation, unsubscribe from any newsletter, eradicate unwanted mails and spams, and you will also be able to view photos and videos right in your inbox folder.

This sign up step is clearly a big and smart one taken by Hotmail. This will no doubt give the users more ease in emailing using Hotmail.  

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