Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Chat with Facebook Friends on Outlook Email

It’s official, Microsoft has taken a huge step to make Hotmail the best Webmail on the planet. You can now make a Facebook chat right from your Hotmail Outlook is the new email address for Hotmail users. You can now claim your new email address and get to keep your existing email addresses.

The new Outlook email address comes with a new interface with exciting features. To test the new interface, you must upgrade to Outlook. To upgrade, you simply log into your Hotmail account via You can go back to your old Hotmail interface by clicking the link under your settings drop-down menu.
One of the exciting features is the Facebook Chat. This is a cool feature that allows you to chat with Friends on Facebook inside your Email. You can see a list of your Facebook friends on the left sidebar, the profile of the person on the center and the conversations thread on the right sidebar.

The Facebook Messaging feature can be seen on the right side. To activate the feature, click the Facebook icon and install the Microsoft Facebook Connect application. Within a few minutes, your chat page will be populated with your Facebook Friend List.

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